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Volunteers Needed!

The Titanic Dinner Revisited is an on-going benefit to assist with the Grand Guardian Council and Job’s Daughters.    Volunteers are urgently needed in several categories - and we all thank you in advance for your past assistance and continued support!   Please complete the sections below with as much detail as possible!

Important note for VOLUNTEERS!

This event will be staffed by professionals - so extra hands are just needed to assist.

Decorations will have a committee under our guidance.   Everyone can help by advertising and sharing and commenting on the progress of the Titanic Revisited Dinner.   The more people that review and attend the more successful this event will become.

The kitchen will be staffed by professional Chef’s and assistants - but help will be needed in basic food preparation and plating of dinners.

As guests arrive, we will need to collect brief information so that their evening is truly remarkable as we provide times and directions to assist them.

Basically, if you have a little bit of free time, we could use it.   Even though this is a huge event - we will not put any volunteers out of their comfort zone!    If you have experience or expertise in one area or another - please let us know!

Thank you in advance!

SAC 2018

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