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Ticket ordering must be completed online.  This is a limited seating event so please reserve your tickets as early as possible.   Once your order is received you will be sent a confirmation receipt with additional information.  Reservations must be placed by March 1st.

The Schedule Below is subject to minor changes/updates as the dinner date approaches.

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Attire: Suit, Tie, Tuxedo, Formal Dress, or Ball Gown Requested;

1900’s attire most assuredly  welcome.

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Arrival, Champagne Reception, & 1st Course Appetizers

Upon your arrival and entrance through

the parking garage gangway on Level 3,

 one  of our greeting staff will invite you aboard

 for the evenings festivities.

As your coat is checked and you receive your champagne,

please take time to visit amongst the other guests

or await the arrival of the rest of your party

all while enjoying unlimited Champagne, Wine,

Beer, and additional non-alcoholic beverages.

Appetizers (selected from the First Class Menu)

will be presented by our staff at this time.

Petite Beef Wellington, Oysters a la Russo,

Canape's a L'aminal, Fresh Fruits, Cheeses


String Quartet Invitation to Main Dining Room

Via the Marble Staircase

(Elevator is also available)

Wine Entry for Seating and Serving


Dinner Course 2


Dinner Course 8

Aperitif Course Served Approximately 9:00pm

Hot Tea, Coffee, Brandy

***Gentlemen (& Ladies) may adjourn at any time to the smoking lounge

and billiard room to review the samples of fresh tobacco

and purchase hand rolled cigars.

A cigar girl will also be making rounds starting with the 8th Course.

Dinner Courses